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Credits:....... Most of the credits go to MYSELF, for I am the great webmaster of the "Dutch Treat" homepages. Some credits anyhow go to my Duke-Buddy JOS (aka "Rocket-Jos") who has spent some time to make the beautiful scans that picture the GWCH logo and the 6-cylinder engine. Some other credits go to my kids Joris & Nils who did generously gave me some time I could use my own computer :-). Special thanks to Sven, for the grabbing & pinching of the SDaL logo components. Finally I thank anybody who's homepages I have borrow'd some little gadgets from!


That's  what it's all about. At least, most of it on these pages will present the affection I have with the Goldwing motorcycle.

Some other pages will be about me, myself and I, about my other hobbies (like model airplanes) and scuba diving.
Feel free and invited to tell me what you think about my pages.

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